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In a world where in-person meetings are a thing of the past, TBM Talks ensures you get in front of the right people around the globe, from the comfort of your own office. Allow us to craft your own bespoke, hour-long content that will appeal to end users across your industry. Showcase your brand alongside some of the best high-level speakers with your own tailor-made panel and impress potential clients across the globe. Lead generation at its finest!


Get exclusive access to our database of end-users and your potential clients with just a click. Present your brand without having to travel hundreds of miles or worry about schedules and meetings. You define the parameters of your TBM talk event target audience and we’ll make it happen.



Our experienced producers will work with you to create a unique topic for your TBM Talk that will appeal to your potential clients We will also take care of the speaker acquisition and make sure your TBM talk has the best panelists in the industry. Our extensive experience in production of conferences over the past 10 years has not only made us experts in content creation, but has also given us the luxury to choose from high-level speakers from our network all around the world.


Once your TBM talk is produced, our marketeers will make sure it gets noticed by the right individuals. Promoting the event through various direct and indirect channels, we make sure your event

is watched by your potential clients. Lead generation has never been easier than in the hands of our TBM Talks Marketeers.



                 Post-event support

We pride ourselves in giving our partners the best post-event support. Starting from a detailed report on the viewership on your TBM Talk, all the way to assistance in setting up introductions and calls with the end-users of your choosing. The TBM Talks team goes above and beyond to get you the results you desire.

Our Partners

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