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Future proofing construction.
How to lead your industry into the digital era

15th December 2022   |    11AM CET

Different national governments are introducing legislation that sets out new requirements and which facilitates transition to a digitally-driven construction industry. In order to meet the developing safety requirements, it is important for building construction managers to implement digital systems and AI-powered tools for automatic recording, tracking, and data-sharing of construction site operations.


Ensuring Continuous Compliance in a Digital World

Digitalization is key to your business’ evolving strategy. Yet in this rapidly changing digital environment what is your tax function doing to support the organization?
In the ever-expanding world of digital services & e-commerce, we see new challenges as legislation changes to match evolving requirements



Successfully managing technical debt in a times of accelerating digital maturity and innovation


In all financial institutions innovation is key and it is in those who harness new technologies that we see the transformation from industry player to industry leader. Yet, whilst improving the digital maturity of the organization is at the forefront of the C-Suite’s mind, the practicalities of such transformations are never so simple...

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Breaking down Data Silos to Deliver on your Customer First Strategy

Digital disruption is creating great upheaval in the financial services and it is organizations that can learn from this upheaval who will be the future leaders. One of the key areas of disruption is in customer experience as we see the growth of the FinTech sector providing new services, products and interfaces to take customer from more traditional process.


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Leveraging reality capture to accelerate data democratization and streamline maintenance across your facilities


In modern manufacturing processes, the ability to deliver complex solutions drives innovation – but with increased complexity comes the need for accurate information sharing across the enterprise to ensure everyone works from a single source of truth.....


The future of NRMM work lighting in an increasingly personalized and connected ecosystem


NRMM are required to operate in increasingly demanding environments where downtime is not an option and safety is paramount. It is therefore essential that NRMM are equipped with lighting that is not only suitable for the surroundings, but also personalized to an individual user’s preference...


How Cloud based MDM provides the key to your personalized customer Journey


Customer data usually resides in many different places in an organization and in each location it is stored in a different way and form. This silo culture creates great complexity as collating the data and discovering which form is accurate is a tedious and time-consuming process...